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How to Transfer Ownership of a Website

When you’re selling mature sites (websites with content), such as the ones we’re selling, there are a few things you need to do to prep your site to ensure that the ownership transition goes smoothly. There are 2 parts to transferring ownership of a website: transferring the domain name, and transferring the website [...]

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How to Migrate a Website From One Domain To Another

Whenever we work on custom themed websites, we usually create them on development/test sites first, especially when we are re-designing an existing website that is currently getting traffic. When the site is ready, we transfer it over. This process is relatively simple but it can be tedious, and is quite similar to transferring ownership of [...]

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Get Affordable Themed Websites

Choose from our 3 new vertical websites 01:20 – Get themes for a few hundred dollars 01:35 – What industry would you like to see?

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