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Best WordPress Theme for Businesses

Having a tough time deciding on the right WordPress theme? With so many to pick from, which one is the best for your business? The most important consideration is the skill level of the person who will be administering the website. Get a new WordPress website for your business.

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How To Migrate A Website from One Domain To Another

When we develop custom WordPress sites, our normal practice is to build it on a test or development server. This is especially true when we are working on a live site already generating traffic. Once the website is complete and approved, we transfer it over. This method is comparatively simple but it may be tiresome. However many [...]

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How to Improve WordPress Security

When it comes to the internet, your website is your most valuable asset. You need to protect it. WordPress is a very popular CMS. We use it for all of our websites because of it's diversity. But you need to properly secure it so hackers don't vandalize and destroy your business. Get a WordPress website [...]

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Homepage Design that Converts Visitors into Buyers

Your homepage receives the most traffic. So your homepage needs to work for you not against you. The design should helps converts those visitors into customers. We do a lot of conversion testing and work these results into our designs. This video shares some of the results of testing different homepage design. Get your conversion optimized website [...]

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Simple Tip to Improve Website Visitor Experience

This may not be web design related...but it's important. It affects everyone but couldn't be easier to do. Watch the video for all the details. After watching the video check out the new done for you responsive theme packages.

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Most Helpful Tool for Website Planning

Mind maps can be invaluable for all kinds of brainstorming. But they come in especially handy for planning out a website. Important things like category and site layout can be put on paper and communicated to other people. Are you ready for a website that turns visitors into customers? Get your professional and one of [...]

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Picking The Right Domain for Your Business

Let's be honest. It's really critical that you have a strong, branded domain name for your business. Not only does it help with general marketing and "word of mouth" marketing, but can also massively increases resale value. Don't wait any longer. Let the iConnect Media team help you pick the right domain name for your [...]

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The Fastest Way to Build Your Website

Speed is everything. Especially in business. Instead of wasting hours, days or weeks on you website have us do it. You can choose either a custom or "done for you" affordable premium websites. No matter your budget we have a solution. Click here to see your different web design options.

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Protecting Your Website From Hackers

Website security is often overlooked until it's too late. This video shows just how rampant hacking is along with a tip to improve your detection. If your not sure about this just contact us and we'll gladly help you out.

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Design That Converts Visitors Into Buyers

Just having a website is not enough. You should put careful thought into the design and layout, especially your homepage. Our own conversion testing has shown that clean homepages with a clear path convert significantly better than anything else. Your visitors should find exactly what they are looking for in 1 to 2 clicks. Anymore [...]

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